Unfinished solid oak flooring

Forest Trade offers both unfinished and pre-finished floorings. Pre-finished floorings are always with bevel, but for the unfinished the bevel is as per client’s request.

In recent years, clients prefer to buy and install pre-finished flooring because of the following reasons:

  • Installation is fast;
  • You could see the exact look of your flooring when You buy it;
  • There is no dust during installation;

However, some customers prefer wooden floor without bevel and in this case the only option is buying unfinished flooring. In this case the installation is slower, because we have to sand, fill, sand again and apply oil or varnish.

Solid oak flooring 20 mm thick, 4 side tongue and groove, unfinished, with or without bevel

Thickness mm Length mm Width mm Price €/m2 Select Price €/m2 Nature Price €/m2 Rustic
20 600 – 2000 120 69.32 60.84 56.75
20 600 – 2000 150 73.06 63.81 59.02
20 600 – 2000 180 upon request 76.59 71.35
20 600 – 2000 200  upon request  upon request  74.76

Oak flooring 4 side tongue and groove, unfinished, with or without bevel, “herringbone pattern”

Thickness mm Length mm Width mm Price €/m2 Select Price €/m2 Nature Price €/m2 Rustic
20 700 – 1000 120 83.19 73.01 68.10

Oak flooring 4 side tongue and groove, unfinished, with or without bevel, “chevron pattern”

Thickness mm Length mm Width mm Price €/m2 Select Price €/m2 Nature Price €/m2 Rustic
20 700 – 1000 120 97.82 87.61 81.72

Brushing – 3.06 €/m2

Skirting boards veneered classic profile, unfinished

Thickness mm Height mm Length mm Price €/m
16 50 1000 – 2000 4.45
16 70 1000 – 2000 5.90
16 90 1000 – 2000 7.48

For solid oak skirting boards – +0.61 €/m

For other type of profile – +1,23 €/m

All prices are VAT included ex-works 2228, Prolesha, Bulgaria


Usually we install the oak flooring over smooth cement concrete. In some cases, due to circumstances /not suitable level, etc/ or because of client’s insist, we install the flooring over OSB, cork or plywood. Sometimes is necessary to build a subfloor from metal or wooden beams. We place isolation between beams and OSB or plywood over.

The flooring installation has to be done after all wet and dirty processes are completed – tales or stone installation, patting ceilings and walls, but before painting. The interior doors are installed after the flooring, but before the skirting boards

The client has to provide the following conditions for starting the installation:

  • Strong, smooth and enough dry concrete. The quality of the concrete is checked and accepted by the installation team and the remarks are written in a protocol if any;
  • Normal air humidity /40 – 60o/;
  • The flooring is kept inside the rooms 7-10 days before installation /it is important especially in winter time/;
  • During the installation the temperature is to be over than 5ºC

It is recommended to cover the flooring during all further work as furniture installation in order to prevent scratches or order mechanical damages.

Price list for installation

Materials Quantity per m2 Price €/kg Price €/m2
2-component polyurethane primer 150  g



2-component polyurethane glue for big size solid flooring 1,5 kg



Work for laying, sanding, filling and oiling/varnishing


Work for skirting boards installation


We have to add to the above prices the cost of the materials for the finish depending on client’s request – oil and hard wax or stain and varnish.
There are many products on the market, so for that reason the prices are not published here.

Forest Trade offers 24 months guarantee period for the flooring, finish and the installation. It is well-known that after 1 year there is no reason for shrinking or distention of the wood.

The guarantee is not valid for the following defects:

а/ Defects due to unacceptable conditions in the rooms namely:

  • inappropriate air temperature – outside the range 5-30ºС;
  • inappropriate relative humidity – outside the range 40 – 60%;
  • fast temperature change in the room;
  • uninhabited rooms without ventilation for long period of time;

b/ Defects due to incorrect use of the flooring as:

  • Covering the flooring with nylon for long period of time because of participation other works including wet and dirty operations
  • When the damages are caused by abrasive materials /salt, sand, glass, etc./, dropped things, furniture moved incorrectly or other use different than the normal one.
  • Damages caused by floods, earthquakes or other force-major circumstances.

In case of problem with the flooring including at client’s fault, we recommend to connect with our office in order to prevent bigger damage.

How to order

Before placing an order for oak flooring You need to:

  • Choose the width of the flooring;
  • Choose the quality;
  • Choose the finish and color;
  • To calculate the quantity needed including 5% exta for the flooring and 10% extra for the skirting boards;
  • Conclude a contract;