Oak stairs – General information

Forest Trade produces stairs from finger-joint panels /there are joints both in width and length/ or continuous lamellas panels /joint in the width only/. The difference between the two models is aesthetic only.

The standard thicknesses of the oak stairs are 40 or 20 mm. We are able to produce stairs with different than standard thickness in accordance with client’s request. Very often we produce stairs 20 mm thick joint at 45o with a blende 40 or more mm wide in order to imitate bigger thickness than the real one

The client can choose between 3 qualities as follows:

  • Quality „А” – knots and sap-wood are not allowed; some small “eyes” up to 5 mm are acceptable;
  • Quality „B” – small sound knots are acceptable; sap-wood is not allowed;
  • Quality „С” – filled and sanded knots are acceptable; sap-wood is allowed up to 10% of the surface

The technical parameters of the stairs in all three qualities are the same.

Price list „Oak stairs”

TypeWidth mmLength mmPrice €/pcs. Quality “A”Price €/pcs. Quality “B””Price €/pcs. Quality “C”
Thickness mm204020402040
Finger-jointUp to 300800/90032.8047.1928.3544.0426.5039.84
Continuous lamellasUp to 300800/90034.7650.6029.8646.5627.8442.51

Price list for „Oak front parts”

TypeWidth mmLength mmPrice €/pcs. Quality “A””Price €/pcs. Quality “B”Price €/pcs. Quality “C”
Thickness mm202020
Finger-jointUp to 200800/90018.3516.9415.52
Continuous lamellasUp to 200800/90019.6618.1116.55

All prices are VAT included, ex-works 2228, Prolesha, Bulgaria

If the size of the stairs are larger than those described in the price list or there are steps irregularly shaped, please specify dimensions in request in order to get the correct offer.

Depending the type of finish choose, we have to add the cost for pre-finishing as follows:

  • Finish – oiled – +7.67 €/piece
  • Finish – stained and lacquered – +10.23 €/piece
  • Finish – brushed, stained, patina treated and lacquered – + 12.78 €/piece
  • Finish – hand scraped, stained, patina treated and lacquered – + 15.34 €/piece

All types of the above treatments are described in flooring section.

Price list for oak skirting boards – thickness 18 mm, length 1000 – 2000

Height mmPrice €/m unfinishedPrice €/m oiledPrice €/m varnished

The cost for profiles different than the classic model is plus 0.77 €/m VAT.

All prices are ex-works 2228, Prolesha, VAT included

The wooden stairs can be installed on:

  • Concrete staircase;
  • Metal construction;
  • Wooden construction

Usually the staircase needs railing. The railing could be made from different materials as metal, wood, glass, etc. Forest Trade offers oak handrail for installation over metal or glass railing and a complete wooden railing. We recommend subcontractors for metal railings.