General information for solid oak flooring

Solid wood flooring is a modern solution for the home, which creates comfort and convenience. As a natural product, the wood flooring becomes more and more popular within last years.

Foresttrade produces solid oak flooring, which is characterized by beautiful pattern, high hardness and durability. In Europe, about 60% of the interior wooden flooring is oak parquet, which indicates that this is the most suitable specie for interior use.
One of the advantages for oak wood is the possibility to achieve different colors in accordance with the interior design and the client’s wish. In contrast to oak flooring, walnut or exotic parquet keep their natural color within all the period of exploitation.
Installing oak flooring, the client could reach modern, natural or vintage vision.

Forest Trade produces several models of oak flooring:

  • The main product is pre-finished solid oak flooring, thickness 20 mm. This product makes over than 90% of our sales. The biggest advantage of the solid flooring is the possibility of multiple sanding /about 10 times/in order to renovate the finish coat. Normally sanding of the flooring is necessary to be done each 7 – 10 years, so once laid down, several generation will use it.
  • We are able to produce thinner flooring /down to 14 mm/ for clients who do not have enough height for 20 mm thickness.

Foresttrade produces oak flooring in various widths, qualities and types of treatments.

Width: 120, 150, 180 and 200 mm

Qualities: Select, Nature and Rustic.

The difference between qualities is not in the technical parameters /humidity, geometry, correct sizes, etc/, but in the way the floor looks like – clear, more natural or rustic.

  • Select: Uniform color, knots and sapwood are not allowed, small “eyes” up to 5 mm are acceptable; by occasion 1 sound knots up to 15 mm is tolerated;
  • Nature: Isolated filled knots, no sap-wood;
  • Rustic: Sapwood is allowed up to 10% of the surface of the board; knots – filled and sanded;

The choice of width and quality depends on the general concept for the interior and the choice of finish and color.

We guarantee the same long life for all widths and qualities in case of common care during the exploitation.

Besides size and quality, our customers can choose and type of laying as flows:

  • flooring boards with different length;
  • flooring boards with fixed width “herringbone” pattern
  • flooring boards with fixed width “chevron” pattern – cut by 45o or 30o

To be used in the interior, the wood should be protected from absorption of odors, liquids and fats.

There are two alternative ways for protection of wooden flooring – oiling or varnishing. Both methods are equally reliable and efficient, each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages over the other.

Forest Trade offers pre-finished flooring – oiled or varnished as well as unfinished flooring which has to be sanded, filled and oiled/varnished after laying.

The pre-finished flooring has some advantages as follows:

  • coatings are applied in factory conditions using the proper equipment, which provides maximum reliability and durability of the ready product;
  • many of the effects we offer can not be achieved after laying the flooring;
  • installation of the flooring is fast and dust-free;

We have a show-room in our factory where all different types of our flooring production are exposed.
We are working both with companies and private customers.
We recommend before to our clients before making the final choice for the flooring model to visit our show-room in order to see personally the different widths, qualities and colors.
We install our products all over Bulgaria and abroad if requested.

Forest Trade as a manufacturer provides its customers the following:

  • To produce quickly if needed an additional quantity of flooring or skirting boards in the color requested;
  • To design color based on client’s request;

Price lists for different kind of treatment: