Factory for manufacturing of solid and engineered oak flooring, oak doors, oak stairs, oak paneling for interior and exterior use, oak furniture


ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING WEEK – 12.05.2021 – 15.052021 – Inter Expo Center, HALL 2 Stand B5


The doors are an important element of the interior and must be properly combined with other components of the furnishing, including the flooring.

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Forest Trade produces oak cladding / paneling / for interior and exterior use.

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Forest Trade produces stairs from finger-joint panels /there are joints both in width and length/ or continuous lamellas panels.

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Forest Trade produces solid oak furniture both from their standard models and also from projects provided by the client.

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Forest Trade offers wooden flooring for exterior use – terraces, gardens and around swimming pools.

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Forest Trade produces furniture such as wardrobes, kitchens, etc. We accept orders when the client gives us a complete order for flooring, staircase, paneling /interior and exterior/, decking.

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About Forest Trade

Forest Trade is a Bulgarian private company founded in January 2003 with main activity kiln-drying of wood manufacturing of oak products.
The construction of the main production facilities was carried out in stages in the period 2004 – 2007 year.
The company has a modern kiln drying facilities with a capacity of 310 cubic meters, workshop with basic woodworking machines, department for production of flooring, paneling, panels and beams (finger-joint or continuous lamellas), department for manufacturing of interior doors and furniture, painting workshop with lines for varnishing and oiling, covered warehouse.

Основните насоки на развитие на фирмата ни са:

  • Производство на фабрично обработен паркет и дюшеме
  • Производство на слепени изделия от дъб
  • Производство на готови продукти от дъб
Closed production cycle

Public works

Private works