Production of edge glued panels and beams

The solid wood panels are very convenient input material for manufacture of internal stairs, tables, kitchen countertops, cupboard doors and other furniture. Manufacturers prefer the panels comparing to timber, because they save time, storage areas and receive a higher yield.

The glued beams are used as input material for manufacturing of wooden window frames which won a growing market segment due to its aesthetic qualities combined with functionality. Another use of glued beams of oak workmanship is visible structures – pergolas, sheds, barbecues, decorative items.

Technology and equipment are provided by industry-leading German company Weining Gruppe. Our choice of this line provides:

  • Automatic optimization in cutting of elements depending on the specific order;
  • Exceptional accuracy in the dimensions;
  • High productivity;
  • Guaranteed quality of the product;

Kiln dried wood goes to the department for edge glued panels and beams for the following operations:

  • Fixing the width needed depending on the order;
  • First planing using Unimat 500 – after that we are able to find some defects like small knots and sap-wood which are not visible before this operation;
  • Fixing the length using Opticut Elite 2000 – depending on the quality requirements of the specific order, the operator marked with a special chalk mistakes which are not acceptable for the product. It is possible to enter the quantity of elements needed in each length and the priority in the production.
  • Grade the material by color and quality.
  • Passing through the finger-joint machine if necessary.
  • Second planing of the material – both for finger-joint and continuous lamella elements. For the second planning we use Unimat
  • Super 4 – this machine provides a perfect 90o angle between the surfaces in order to ensure the best gluing together.
  • Gluing process
  • Sanding with the necessary grain sandpaper depending on the product and client’s requirement.