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Kiln-drying facility

Our kiln driers are built in 2228, Prolesha village, close to Sofia.

The total capacity is 310 cubic meters divided in 5 chambers – 3 chambers of 70 cubic meters and 2 chambers of 50 cubic meters.

The kilns are designed, delivered and installed by the producer Bes Bollmann GmbH.

The programs are designed for drying especially hardwood – mainly oak.

The temperature inside kilns is up to 70 °С

Each kiln has a control panel with a possibility for manual operation.

All kilns are connected with a computer, where are stored the different programs for drying cycles.
A linear printer stores graphics which contain the values of the air temperature, balance humidity, wood humidity for the whole period of the drying cycle.

Each kiln has vent’s revolution regulation.There are 2 climate sensors and 5 humidity sensors in each kiln.