Forest Trade offers wooden flooring for exterior use – terraces, gardens and around swimming pools.

We offer the following wood species:

  • Thermo treated ash
  • Mahogany

Board surface can be smooth or ribbed to prevent slipping:

  • Widths: 130 – 145 mm;
  • Lengths for Thermo treated ash – 1000 – 2000 mm
  • Lengths for Mahogany 1000 – 3000 mm;
  • Thickness 20 mm;

The flooring for exterior use is to be installed on construction of wooden beams. The wooden beams usually are 60 x 40 mm and they are vacuum impregnated. The beams are fixed to the concrete. The minimal distance between the concrete and the ready decking is 60 mm, but it is not a problem to be bigger. The concrete is supposed to has 2-3º tilt in order to assure draining the water in case of rain or washing.

The gap is regulated by a fastener for hidden installation.

The wood flooring for exterior use is supposed to be oiled at least twice a year – spring and autumn. Otherwise there is a possibility for cracks on the planks and change in the color /graying/

The wood is exposed during the year to rain, snow, sun, extreme temperature variations and it is acceptable to arise some small cracks which do not cause a problem when using the decking.

Price list for decking

Width mm Thickness mm Length mm Price €/m2
120 – 145 20 1000 – 3000 81,30

The prices are ex-works 2228, Prolesha, VAT included 

Installation – 17.90 €/m2 including the the fastening elements. The cost of the wooden beams for under construction is calculated depending on the level.