Stairs over concrete staircase

The concrete staircase must be flat, smooth, dry and with equal distance between stairs.

We are preparing the first offer in accordance with some measures given by the client. When the initial offer is accepted, we send a person from installation team to take the exact measurements.

When all the details are clear, we correct the offer if necessary.

The delivery terms for the stairs are 10 – 60 days depending on the quantity, model and finish.

Forest Trade offers installation as well, if requested. In case that we are not engaged for installation, the dimensions are provided by the client including cartoon templates for the irregular shaped stairs.

Prices for installation:

  • Installation of stair and front part – 12.78 €/piece
  • Installation of stair without front part – 10.23 €/piece
  • Skirting boards installation – 5.11 €/m.